Our Philosophy

Paradiso is a place to connect, grow, have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. Our members and friends are at the heart of everything we do.

It’s a place that’s been designed for those who seek happiness, who relish sharing great food and wine prepared and served with love and care, and who resonate fully with the joy of a crowd dancing under a sunny sky.

Come embrace life at the top.

We celebrate our environment. We’re in harmony with the mountain. We’re quiet and relaxed – and we want you to be too.

Paradiso is the perfect place to share good times, enjoy sport, healthy food, and fantastic champagne. It’s somewhere you can connect – with nature, with your family, with your friends. And we know you’ll do all that and more in our safe hands.


Our Team

Sustainability to our Core
Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients and takes a modern, free-spirited and creative approach in the kitchen. The result is a confident cuisine that focuses on purity, authenticity and the reinterpretation of iconic recipes.

As for our water, it comes from our own source located just a few steps away from Paradiso – fresh, clean mountain water that helps us to reduce single-use bottles and plastic.

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